How to Pick the Right Deodorant for Your Kids

Kids love to imitate their parents. With this, it is common to see the girls trying to wear makeup and the boys smearing themselves from shaving foam. Deodorant is one of the favorites, but is it okay? If you have this doubt, see how your child can use child deodorant without compromising their health.

The deodorant becomes an essential hygiene product from adolescence. At this time, the hormones cause the sweat glands to begin to develop. These glands are responsible for sweat, which are produced to regulate body temperature.

Nowadays, adolescence and puberty are earlier, and as a result, it is possible that the smell of the armpits appears earlier. Therefore, the health authorities released the use of kids deodorant.

But attention: the product is not the same one used in adults since the child’s deodorant must be made from a formula that respects the skin still sensitive of the small. It’s recommended that you look for a good and natural deodorant for sensitive skin.

Children’s deodorant format

To be suitable for children, the kids deodorant should be in roll-on or cream format, but it can not be aerosolized and also does not contain the antiperspirant action. This is so that, for example, children do not inhale or injure their eyes with child deodorant.

The kids deodorant formula should be free of perfume and alcohol and may be used in children from 8 years of age. From the age of 12, it is possible to use the aerosol deodorant.

Difference between antiperspirant and kids deodorant

To be fit for consumption, kids deodorant cannot be the antiperspirant. The kids deodorant will only combat or disguise the odor of the armpits, which are an area with greater sweating.

The antiperspirant formulas, not suitable for children, try to reduce the amount of sweat, making the sweat glands have difficulty producing and eliminating this sweat.

How to prevent bad smell from children’s armpits

Even though child deodorant is a good alternative to stop the bad smell of the armpits, many dermatologists do not recommend its use. Therefore, through some simple care, it is possible to minimize this problem, ensuring that the child does not suffer from it:

  • Make sure your child never wears sweaty clothes. It is necessary, after play, to wash clothes properly;
  • Prefer clothes with light fabrics and natural origin, so that the skin can breathe and avoid excessive sweat;
  • Using an antibacterial soap during bathing can help eliminate the bacteria that cause the underarm odor;
  • After the bath, make sure the child has dried the area well. Humidity is a good friend of the bad smell bacteria.

If you are looking for the best solution to eliminate the bad smell in your child’s armpits, check out these 3 options for children’s deodorants, totally healthy and safe:

1. Fresh Kidz Boys Natural Deodorant – Best For Boys

Developed for males, this product is aimed at children and young people 8 years of age or older.

The deodorant has four different aromas, and has a specific formulation to protect the delicate skin of children, in addition, it has a rolled shape, which prevents accidents with small ones.

2. Fresh Kidz Girls Natural Deodorant – Best For Girls

Just like the boys-oriented model, this product is developed to protect the skin of children, with a floral aroma this deodorant provides protection against odors lasting for about 24 hours.

3. Organic Fields of Heather Coconut Dream Deodorant – Best Cream Deodorant

Considered by many parents as one of the best deodorants for children, this is one of the products that offer sensitive skin protection and pleasant aroma for both sexes.

It is also marketed in roll format.