How to choose a good headboard reading light

Reading before bed is a wonderful habit that has many benefits. It improves our mental abilities and memory, reduces stress, and overall prepares the body for the night. Thanks to that we sleep better and wake up more refreshed and ready for the day’s challenges. But to enjoy reading’s full benefits we should invest in one particular accessory to our bedroom. If you want to avoid damage to your eyes you need to choose a good reading light.

What makes a good headboard reading light

Light color

When we read before bed we often do so to rest our eyes from the whole day of working looking at bright screens. Reading is a great activity to combat that as long as we use a headboard reading light that doesn’t further strain our eyes. Let’s choose something opposite of the white and blue on the smartphone’s screen and go with a gentle yellow or orange light. Blue lights imitate sunlight so using blue lights during the night disturbs our sleep pattern by tricking our bodies into producing melatonin. It makes us feel more alert and awake which is exactly the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve by reading before going to sleep.

The lighting for reading cannot be dim though because reading small letters in less-than-ideal conditions is sure to cause damage to your eyes. So remember, the light should be bright but not cool. Ideally, not higher than 3500k on the color temperature scale. This can often be remedied with the right lightbulb.


A usual headboard reading light will come with a clip-on so that you can attach it to your headboard. You can also buy lights that can be installed right onto the headboard but these usually require some handiwork skills so if you are not that much into DIY to take apart your bed, a clip-on will do just fine. It is even argued that clip-ons are better as a headboard reading light because of their versatility. You can move them around if you need to and some even come with a bendable construction that’s flexible enough to get them exactly into the right position.

The perfect headboard reading light should shine on the pages of your books without illuminating the whole bedroom. So having a clip-on reading light that you can twist around is helpful when you change reading positions in bed.

There are other things to consider. Do you want your light to be cordless? If so, is chargeable by USB better than changing the batteries every now and then? Do you care about ideal reading conditions enough to take your reading light with you when you travel? If so, choose a headboard reading light that is lightweight and can be folded. All of these specs come down to personal preferences but the lighting color and brightness are the one features that should not be overlooked.

If you’re an avid reader, think over your purchase carefully so that you can enjoy healthy eyes for as many years as you possibly can.

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