Looking Good Means Feeling Good

The Science of Looking Good

We all have those days when we get out of bed, get dressed and, when we look in the mirror, we get this sudden boost of confidence and energy. We just walk out the door ready to take on whatever life throws at us. We feel unstoppable. And, on some days, we feel so down and unmotivated that even catching a glimpse of ourselves in the window of a car completely crushes us. Why does the way we look have such a huge impact on how good or bad we feel? Such little details like how our hair looks or how a dress fits us have the power to make or break our day. In reality, we’re probably a bit too stuck in our own heads, overanalyzing every aspect of how we look, walk, talk, and eat. We have no one but our primitive brains to blame for all this hassle. See, back when we used to live in caves, our entire existence depended on whether we were accepted by our peers. Sure, standards have changed and we don’t find prominent, sharp brow bones as attractive anymore, but we still place great importance on fitting in with the group. That’s why it feels good to put in the effort and take care of our appearance. And that’s why, when we¬†feelour best, we also¬†lookour best. Beauty rituals and routines serve a dual purpose: one is to enhance our most beautiful features, the other to give us some feel-good endorphins. Self-care is extremely important for this very reason. Tending to our appearance can do miracles for our mental wellbeing. Weird, huh?

One Ingredient to Rule Them All

For decades, beauty companies have tried selling us on their magic creams that cost an arm and a leg and smell like an old spice cupboard. Our hair, skin, and nails are on display 24/7. They protect us from harm and play a big role in how the world sees us. Dry, frazzled hair makes us appear messy. When we don’t properly take care of our skin, it ages quickly, losing its elasticity and brightness. Why not treat your body to the best nature has to offer? Coconut oil has been widely used for more than a millennium. It truly is a multipurpose superstar: it has a really high smoke point, so it doesn’t release toxic fumes when heated up. You can use it as a mask or conditioner to achieve smooth and silky hair. For pregnant women or those of us who have been shifting a few pounds, it can even out the skin on our stomach and erase stretch marks. Even the best body shaper can’t come close to the amazing properties of coconut oil. If you’re in need of a pick me up that’s all-natural and not pumped full of chemicals, check out this link to find out which coconut oil is best for your needs!